presentation projet

the future is arriving

From the root to the cloud: development of an Iot SmartAgro that combines two sensors and measures the amount of water available for the plant and transmits the 4.0 data to optimize irrigation.

The origin of the Hydroball is in looking for a problem and in engineering a solution. The whole process had to work under the paradigm of innovation. And innovation is only if it takes into account its real application, its arrival in the market and its encounter with the client.

In the continuous development process, the client's needs and satisfaction have been agreed with the client. In addition, there is a genuine value that is awareness with sustainability that always includes the need to develop a future in which sustainability conditions the profitability of a project, also that of the client.

The future of the field has been improved. When Hydroball reaches its place, attending to the experiments developed by the prototype, 1. Hydraulic balls will measure the amount of water and tension as effectively as at least the current devices. 2. They will make stable measurements on the different substrates.f